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And Countered by the Word of God.

by Gordon Sironen

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1575024969

We are now living in the days of uncertainty that had been foretold by God.

Mainline Christian Churches are gradually disposing God's truth, while adhearing to subtle lies and misleading information.

People of the Christian faith are leaving their once held convictions of assurance.

Mankind is now susceptible to follow false teachers, deceitful spirits and... DOCTRINES OF DEMONS.

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End Time Apparitions: as foretold by the Oracles from the Valley of Vision.

by Gordon Sironen

Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 1414104839

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1414104847

Modern Technology Opens the Gate to the Supernatural !!!

“Something very significant and extremely profound took place in the century of the 1800s. This event was so paramount, it affected every living thing on planet Earth.”

Scientists, physicists, and religious communities recognize that there are two worlds: the physical dimension in which we exist and the spiritual dimension; or the invisible, transparent realm.

This book establishes the gradual merging of these two worlds which began sometime around the year of 1864. It appears as though the “Electro-Magnetic Field of Force”, which once separated these two worlds, had been breached.

Comparable to the people in biblical times, we are now observing bizarre and mysterious apparitions. What are they and why are they materializing in this day and age?

The Bible foretells of the last days when Satan, after having been restrained for one thousand years, must be set free for a short time.

Is it possible Satan had been released and we are now living in his “little season” of freedom? Is it possible that we ourselves have set Satan free by obtaining the technological keys which opened the gate to the supernatural?

By utilizing scientific documents, historical facts, and ancient texts of holy writ, we now have an abundance of evidence which confirms this as an undeniable event: an 1800’s event.

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"Ghosts, UFOs, and the Blessed Virgin Mary"

Book Review #1:


Reviewed by Beverly Pechin for Reader Views - May 2006. "www.readerviews.com"

This book is truly amazing. I'm not sure if I'm a believer or not of the various 'realms' and strange occurrences. Are there truly UFO's and Ghosts and apparitions of heavenly hosts such as the Virgin Mary? Who's to truly say yes or no? This book sure does not state a simple yes or no to the questionable fact. What the book does do is create an amazingly interesting connection between them all.

Not only does the author often correlate the 3 questionable happenings with both scientific and historic happenings but can toss in a verse or two from the Holy Bible to keep you wondering.

Why is it that so many quickly believe in seeing something that they believe in but just as quickly dismiss something they don't? One of the best thoughts brought up in this book was the mere and simple fact that you never truly hear of an account of a Protestant or Hindu having a sighting of the Virgin Mary but Catholics seem to have many. Does this mean that it's not true or does this mean that all of these occurrences are simply based upon ones own beliefs and teachings? Who's to say?

The book not only discusses in great detail UFO sightings, never giving a yay or nay to the truth. As for apparitions of various sorts, whether you call them ghosts, entities or Holy visions, Sironen brings many questions to your mind, helping you think of possible answers yet never giving you a complete thought on the entire idea of these seeming unnatural occurrences.

The author not only enlightens us to various happenings that are simply 'strange' but truly will make your mind think, and think hard. You will walk away scratching your head and whether you went in as a believer or non-believer of these events, you will walk away just as confused and uncertain but definitely enlightened and thinking about them. It simply makes you want more information and creates a whole new area for us to consider -

Are there other life forms? Are they truly from other planets or simply something we get sightings of because of small holes in the realm we live in? Are all Holy apparitions true and if so why don't those who don't believe not seeing them in the same fashion? Is it because they see a light and think in terms of their own beliefs or is it because they aren't truly occurring? Can so many happenings all over the world be fake or is it just that somehow our own minds have become attuned to other surroundings? The questions are endless and you won't necessarily walk away with answers but you will walk away with your own thoughts.

"Ghosts, UFO's and the Blessed Mother" is excellent reading for both the believer and non-believer. Kudos Mr. Sironen, for not only opening our minds but opening our thought processes to continue questioning our surroundings!

Reviewed by Beverly Pechin for Reader Views (5/06).

Book Review #2:


Reviewer: Lorraine R. Laverriere "blue heart" (Massachusetts)

I read Gordon Sironen's book in two days almost consistently because I couldn't put it down. Gordon Sironen is excellent in his research and writing. I had to find out how and why he put UFO's and the Blessed Virgin Mary in the same topic. As a Catholic, I not only found the answer but there wasn't anything offensive or derogatory in the context of his arguments.

Since I'm an avid listener of Art Bell and George Noorie on Coast to Coast, I was familiar with all the names he mentioned who write on the subject of mysticism and paranormal phenomenon. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read a very interesting and well researched book on the subject of end times.

His style of using Oracles for chapters is very convincing and mystical, in itself. In conclusion, with all the biblical quotes, I think Jesus Himself would know that the author is not only a warrior for Christ but a soul seeker for Christ, as well.

Lorraine Moreau Laverriere, Writer/Editor/Publisher/Laverriere Blueheart Productions.

Book Review #3:


Reviewer: Donna Coomer "Between the Lines Reviewer" (Cedar City, UT USA)

We all have questions, some small, some large, some about
life itself and where we fit in. At times these can be pretty
daunting. Our culture and faith may give us guidance but
often we need to look beyond that to the big picture,
to our life on this planet and its history of visitors from beyond.

Gordon Sironen is many things. An author, scholar,
researcher, and business owner. He brings to the table all
of these attributes in the writing of this book. Because to
answer or at least evaluate some of those questions that
pop up, we need a bit of guidance. And by taking a some
what obtuse direction Sironen brings us full circle. By
using his wealth of knowledge of the Bible he gives us
all, a chance to weigh the evidence and read between the lines.

Sironen's background in teaching shines through in this
text. Face it, anyone who can get you knee deep in ghostly
sightings and apparitions in one chapter, UFOs, quantum
physics and string theory in another and have you still
reading, knows his craft.

As we are led thru a history of visitations, enlightenment,
and new beginnings, the highlight being in the 1800's, we
learn that many of today's religions got their start in that time
and still stand today. And with your own culture or belief
system as a base take a look beyond the veil to all the
possibilities, get some questions answered, and with your new
found knowledge, delight in the new ones that emerge.













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